About the Organisation Review Tool

Our Organisation Review Tool helps team members, management and governance to reflect on how their organisation’s work aligns with Mana Taiohi and the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa. Any team or organisation working in youth development can undertake a review.

The tool allows organisations to reflect on their youth work practice in relation to the Mana Taiohi youth development principles and the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa. It is also informed by the Korowai Tupu Core Competencies.

The tool is designed for any organisation working in youth development. Organisations can include as many participants as they want to capture a 360° snapshot about where their organisation is at. At the end of the review, organisations will be provided with an overview of how their organisation is doing as well as recommendations to help with the next steps. 

Individual respondents will be able to see their own results immediately. These are of course kept anonymous. Results are then collated with other respondents’ results to form a whole organisational overview.

All results can be viewed all together or separated out by geographical region as well as position within the organisation e.g. governance, management and kaimahi.

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